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I Need a Land Improvement Loan

When it comes to improving your land, First South can provide financing options for your vision to become a reality. Contact your local branch to learn more about land equity loans.

Land Improvement Loans May Include:

  • Land leveling
  • Dirt work
  • Irrigation systems
  • Fencing
  • Access road construction
  • Construction of ponds and reservoirs
Partner Spotlight: Compton Farms

“First South has helped my entire family.”

Compton Farms continues to be a very diverse and successful farming operation. And the Compton family, with their love of family, a passion for farming, and a commitment to one another, is providing a great example of how to start, and continue….. A family tradition.

Learn How Prescribed Burns Can Help Your Land

Controlled Burns: What You Need to Know

If you’re a landowner or even a leaseholder (yes, leaseholder’s do have the ability to burn in some cases), prescribed burns are a great way to enhance your property’s recreational and commercial value.