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Sumners Family: Coming Home to the Farm


Stanley Sumners grew up on the same land in Blessing, AL that he built his first breeder hen house on in 1979. A few years later in the mid 80’s, he looked to First South Farm Credit for his financing needs. Today, he and his son, Andy, are longtime partners on their poultry and cattle farm and longtime borrowers of First South Farm Credit.

“My son grew up in the poultry business with me and he had no idea he would ever come back to the farm” said Stanley. “But, he came back and we’ve been partners on the farm, and partners in the cattle business, and we enjoy working together all day, every day.”

Prior to returning to join his father on the farm, Andy spent 15 years as a lineman and was often working away from home. “Having the poultry house loan has allowed me to be at home and do whatever I need to with my family.” Andy said. “With First South, these guys know exactly what you’re talking about and its always easy to talk with somebody that knows what is going on here on the farm.”

Stanley and Andy understand the challenge of managing a farm and they also value the time they are together as a family and what they are building together. “We work every day right here on the farm, trying to make a living, trying to make it profitable, and something, hopefully, that generations from now can enjoy,” said Stanley.

Understanding the demands and value of farming is what sets First South Farm Credit apart from most lenders. First South’s team of lenders have the knowledge and expertise to provide the financing and to guide you through your dreams of farm and land ownership.

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