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Meet Michael Williams A Poultry Farmer

All Roads Lead Back to the Farm.

After being on the road continuously with his previous job, Michael Williams decided to follow in his father-in-law’s footsteps and begin growing chickens himself.  And.... being a poultry grower allowed him the opportunity to be home with his family. “I was just ready to be at home, watch my grandkids grow up and spend time with my family. I was away from them a whole lot with traveling on the road, maybe 200 days a year.  So it’s been a real blessing to be here [on our poultry farm].”
Michael had been a member of First South Farm Credit for several years when he decided to build a breeder farm with three hen houses in 2019. Since then, Michael and his wife Cassie, a former RN, decided to expand their breeder operation so that they could work at home together. 
Michael exclaims, “my favorite things about the poultry industry is it never ceases to amaze me just the sheer volume of eggs that one hen farm can produce. We have a little over 4.1 million hatching eggs off this three-house farm last year.  Kinda gives you an idea of the enormity of the chicken business.”  
Michael further stated, “The interaction with the officers at First South is one of the most pleasant banking experiences I've ever had. They are very personable, almost like a friend.  Treat you real well and easy to work with. ......I recommend First South Farm Credit to everybody that has a farm, interested in refinancing, or interested in starting a farm.” 
The Alabama poultry industry makes up more than half of the state’s agricultural income and is ranked in the top 5 for poultry production in the country.  And... Michael and his family continue to thrive in the poultry industry and are committed to staying home and continuing their tradition of being a poultry farm family.

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