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Meet Matt and Macy Rushing

Matt and Macy Rushing have been raising stocker cattle for 12 years now. But when they first started, they were complete novices. They are both new generation farmers, the first in their family history to raise cattle. It’s a rare thing. 

“A lot of people say it’s bred into you. We’re first-generation farmers. We’re the first people in our families, me and my wife, to do this, but it’s something about being out here. Some people like to run, some people like to play golf. We like to raise cattle. This is just our stress relief,” said Matt. 

But it’s not a casual operation for them. The Rushing’s are purchasing a 114-acre dairy to grow their operation. 

“We’re going to use it to basically grow our operation. We’re looking to grow ten-fold, basically. You know, we could buy cattle every week whereas now we’re kind of space limited. So doing that will help us expand our operation.” 

It’s the first piece of property they’ve purchased outside of their home, but they’re no strangers to First South. They’ve been members since 2015 and are regular visitors to their local branch in Zachary, LA. 

“It's such a breath of fresh air when you walk in, and they know you. They already know why you’re there. I always tell Matt, if I ever have to go and get a job, I’m going to First South because it feels homey, they make you feel welcome, and they have fun doing it. Every step of the way has been so easy communicating with them. I don’t regret ever using them and I tell everyone about them,” said Macy. 

It’s a trust that has been built over time, says Matt. 

“As far as working with First South, it doesn’t get any better. Our kids, they know everybody in there. They know there’s candy there and usually if we go to sign papers and talk about something our kids are running wild in there. I feel like any other place would kick us out and never answer our calls again. But they embrace it. That’s hard to find these days. I know that when I call them, I trust them. They’re very transparent people and easy to work with.”

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