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First South Celebrates Women in Ag

In March, the agriculture community across the country celebrated the role women play on the farm. First South Farm Credit was proud to support the Women in Ag conferences in Mississippi and Louisiana. These conferences bring women together who share the common knowledge of agriculture. Not only do we share the knowledge of agriculture, but we also share the hardships that come with it and the fruits of our labor. “It brings women in agriculture together to share experiences…and share their feelings with someone that understands what they are going through,” says Lee Lockhart, who runs a poultry and cattle operation with her husband Greg in Wesson, MS.  Agriculture and farm life isn’t always easy, however, having someone understand those tough seasons, the set backs, and most importantly, the victories is both beneficial and comforting. We are a community, and in that community, we find togetherness and compassion. 

Whether they are physically in the field or managing the books, it is important to highlight women in agriculture. The roles these women play, the hands they have on each farm cannot be replaced. “It is important to increase women’s access to resources needed to farm,” explains Lockhart. Learning from women who experience and go through similar situations is beneficial to their “day to day farming operations” (Lockhart). These like-minded resources lead to success on the farm.

These conferences are beneficial for us to conversate and network with other women in our field. Women who understand, support, and solutionize problems we may face with our ever evolving economy and day to day life. This conference brought “women from various agricultural endeavors together to share ideas,” says Paige Bergeron, one of First South’s loan officers. It is also beneficial to “our operations to have support from like-minded” women who you can connect with.

McKinley Horaist

By McKinley Horaist,

Loan Officer

First South Farm Credit

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