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A Farming Family Lifestyle

Nick Davis established Davis Farms in 2015 when he and his wife Darby purchased their property in Fyffe, Alabama and built four broiler houses.  Farming has provided the opportunity for Nick and Darby to work and spend quality time together while raising their family.  A few years after building their broiler houses, they built their home on the farm and further established their farming family lifestyle.  “It's just a great way to raise kids and teach them to have a hard work ethic” said Davis, “It’s just a good way to live”. 
In addition to their poultry operation, Nick and Darby also manage a cow/calf and stocker cattle operation and utilized financing from First South Farm Credit to expand this operation in 2021. Davis Farms has become an all-encompassing farming operation over the years, becoming a staple within the agriculture community in Fyffe.
Farming is more than just a hobby or job at Davis Farms, it’s a lifestyle. Feeding the world is not an easy task, but Nick and his family play a major role in that mission. “Somebody's got to feed the world and us farmers got to do it. Such a small percentage of America are farmers, that it’s a dying breed” said Davis.   “And to have folks like First South Farm Credit that will take chances on guys for the farming process, it means a lot.”   Only 1.3% of the workforce is made up of farmers and ranchers in America and Nick and his family pride themselves in being a part of that number.
First South’s lending team had the knowledge and experience to help Nick and Darby refinance their farm and they joined the First South Farm Credit family in 2020.  “My loan officer is Miller Bonds. He's been really good to work with. Anytime I've got a question, even after hours, I call him on his cell phone, he's able to answer it.  He even throws a baseball with my little boy.  He’s just a great guy to work with.  He and [Beth Patterson] has been a real help and it gives me confidence as a farmer knowing that what I'm doing is going to work.” 

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