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Cruse Farms: A Family Man

Matthew Oliver has been a customer with First South Farm Credit since 2021 when he and his wife Emily decided to become poultry farmers. They believe that there is no better way to raise kids than on a farm. Matthew is a family-oriented man that values time spent with his wife and children. He and his family are carrying on a family legacy as they live and work on the same piece of land that has been in his mother’s family for over 100 years. His goals have become reality and he proudly named his farm “Cruse Farm” after his mother’s maiden name. 

Cruse Farm has 4 poultry houses that measure 66’ by 600’ ft., holding 44,000 birds per house. That is not light work, but he’s grateful for the support he’s been given. “First South Farm Credit has been with us through the breaking of the ground to populating the houses. Matthew further added that First South Farm Credit has, “really been a come to me bank instead of me go to them bank, and they’ve went well beyond anything I could ask for, convenience and easiness to deal with.” 

First South values the relationship with Matthew Oliver and his family and is proud to be a part of their success.

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