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Compton Farms: A family tradition

Mitch Compton could be considered the patriarch of Compton Farms in North Alabama. After all, it was Mitch that started his farming operation years ago that has since became a way of life for him and his family. Mitch values his time working on the poultry, cattle, and row crop farming operations in Lawrence and Moulton counties that he, his son, and grandson are running. When talking about the family farms, Mitch stated “There is really nothing no better than family, and I have a hard working son and a hard working grandson. They love what they are doing, and my wife [Vickie] and I love watching them do it.”

McCord Compton, Mitch’s son, followed his Dad into farming and now manages his own expanded operation. McCord fills his time on his poultry and cattle farm, as well as finding time for some row cropping and spreading litter for nearby farms. McCord shared “It’s a lifelong goal of mine to be able to choose to farm. It’s something I always wanted to do and First South helped me fulfill that.” He further added “This is what they [First South Farm Credit] specialize in and they are here to help the farmer out.”

And… another apple fell close to the tree. Adston McCord, Mitch’s grandson, has established himself as a farmer and now runs his poultry operation in Danville. Adston brings the same passion for farming that his grandfather and father have shown. “First South has helped my entire family.” Adston shared. “They helped my granddaddy get his farm, helped my dad get his farm, and now I’m following in their footsteps.”

Compton Farms continues to be a very diverse and successful farming operation. And the Compton family, with their love of family, a passion for farming, and a commitment to one another, is providing a great example of how to start, and continue….. A family tradition.

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