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2024 Annual Director and Nominating Committee Election Results

First South Farm Credit, ACA recently conducted its annual Director and Nominating Committee elections for seven Director positions with terms expiring March of 2024, and for the 2024 Nominating Committee. The First South Farm Credit, ACA received the election results from its independent tabulator, an accounting firm. Seven candidates were elected to the Board of Directors, 21 candidates were elected to the Nominating Committee, and 21 candidates were elected as alternates to the Nominating Committee. Those elected are as follows:

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (each to serve a three-year term)

Alabama Region 5 – R. Shepherd “Shep” Morris, Shorter, AL

Alabama Region 7 – James H. Raber, Summerdale, AL (now vacant)*

Louisiana Region 1 – John G. Ingraffia, Husser, LA

Louisiana Region 4 – Wilson E. Judice, Franklin, LA

Louisiana Region 6 – Richard T. “Tad” Hargis, Effie, LA

Mississippi Region 3 – Charles Mark Nicholson, Philadelphia, MS

Mississippi Region 7 - Clint Dunn, Itta Bena, MS

*Mr. Raber, elected to serve Alabama Region 7, declined service and resigned from the director position due to other commitments, creating a vacancy on the First South Board of Directors. This vacancy will be filled in accordance with the Bylaws of First South Farm Credit which permits the Board of Directors to appoint a stockholder to serve in this role until the next annual meeting. The appointment will be announced to the Stockholders on the First South website. There will be an election at the next annual meeting to fill this seat for the remaining two years of the original three-year term.

2024 NOMINATING COMMITTEE (each to serve a 1-year term) Election Region


City of Residence


Eric Lyn Grimes (Member)



Brandon Letson (Alternate)



Michael E. Moore (Member)



Paul Holmes (Member)



William David Johnston (Member)



Clyde M. Leavelle (Alternate)


UPDATED May 29, 2024

First South notified stockholders of a Board vacancy in the previously posted election results. In line with the First South Bylaws, during the regularly scheduled Board Meeting on May 23, 2024 the First South Board of Directors appointed Mr. W. Rodney “Rod” Richardson to serve until the 2025 Annual Meeting. The stockholders will elect a director from Alabama Region 7 to serve a two-year term during the 2025 annual meeting.

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